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Term Deposits

Start your investment savings plan with term deposits that offer guaranteed interest rates and returns.

A simple, secure, and flexible way to invest

Choose from a wide variety of risk-free term deposits at competitive rates to meet your financial needs.

Term deposits

Redeemable and Cashable

With a cashable/redeemable term deposit, enjoy a guaranteed rate of return with the flexibility and ease to access your funds at any time.

  • One- to five-year terms
  • Fully cashable without penalty
  • $500 minimum balance
  • 30-, 60-, and 90-day cashable terms
  • $500 minimum deposit with no maximum limit
  • No interest is paid on early redemption
Term deposits


A non-redeemable term deposit provides you with security and peace of mind when investing your money while enjoying a higher rate of return.

Key Features
  • 30-day to 5-year terms
  • Access funds at maturity only
  • Longer term deposits earn a higher rate of interest
  • Can be included in RRSP, TFSA RIF or other registered plans
Term Deposits


Linked to the S&P Toronto Stock Exchange 60 Index, this term deposit is ideal for members seeking potential higher rates of return while guaranteeing their principal.

Key Features
  • 1-, 3-, or 5-year terms
  • Offers the potential to earn higher returns linked to stock market performance
  • Principal investment is protected
  • Free of commission or management fees
  • Free of commission or management fees
Investment Advice

Maximize your returns with a tiered approach

“Laddering” is a simple and effective investment strategy that staggers the maturity dates of your term deposits, in order to ensure funds are available when you need them.
Registered Savings Plans

It’s never too early to start investing in your family’s future

Whether you are saving for a home, your child’s education, or securing your retirement, find the right investment option to help you achieve your financial goals.

  • TFSA
  • RESP
  • RRSP

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