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Mutual Funds

A variety of portfolios based on your financial goals


Globally Managed Mutual Fund Portfolios

Mutual funds* are an effective way to diversify your investments and help you reach your long-term financial goals. Access a broad range of high-quality mutual funds matched to your investment goals and risk tolerance with the help of a Credential Asset Management Inc. investment advisor at KCU.

  • Key Features
    • Diversified portfolios ideal for long-terminvestment
    • Managed by global fund advisors
    • Matched to your goals and risk level
  • Portfolio types
    • Responsible investment portfolios
    • Canadian and international portfolio options
Investment Strategy

Responsible Investing: Do the right thing while investing

Responsible portfolios are investments comprised of companies that uphold a high standard of environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Meet with a Credential Asset Management Advisor at KCU:

  • To learn more about responsible investing
  • For help making investment decisions
  • To enjoy competitive returns with a positive social impact
Investment Strategy

A strong portfolio includes a diverse collection of investments

To weather the fluctuations of the market, it is important to have a portfolio that contains a mix of stocks, fixed income, and commodities. Mutual funds can be an effective way to diversify your investments and help you reach your long term financial goals.


Investment Advice

Pay yourself first

One of the key principles of personal finance is to pay yourself first. A part of every paycheque should be allocated to your investment portfolio prior to paying any other bills. By paying yourself first, you are building your assets and allowing your savings to accumulate through dollar cost averaging. The sooner you begin, the longer you will have for your savings to grow


We’re here to help

Match your investment goals to the ideal portfolio

Make the right investment plan for your needs with the help of our professional Investment Advisors. We will:

  • Work with you to understand your current situation and financial goals
  • Provide personalized advice for you and your family
  • Monitor your portfolio and discuss ways to improve
*Mutual funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc

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