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Competitive and flexible residential mortgage options

Realize your dream of owning a home, renew your mortgage, or refinance your existing home. Get help and advice from our team of experts for a mortgage tailored to fit your financial needs.


Fixed Rate Mortgage

A popular choice if you like predictability, your interest rate and monthly payments stay the same for your mortgage term.

  • Closed
    • Term options from 6 months to 10 years
    • Prepay up to 10% on your mortgage anniversary date without penalty
    • Lower interest rate than open fixed rate mortgage
  • Open
    • Available in a 6-month term
    • Pay off any time without penalty
    • Switch to a fixed closed mortgage any time



Variable Rate Mortgage

Variable rate mortgages are a great option as they allow you to pay your mortgage faster. These mortgages are best suited for members who are comfortable making payments on fluctuating interest rates.

  • Closed
    • Available in a 3-year term
    • Interest rate is linked to KCU prime
    • Lower interest than open variable
  • Open
    • Available in a 1-year term
    • Interest rate is linked to KCU prime
    • Switch to a closed fixed mortgage any time
3-year Variable Closed 

Prime + 2.00%*

The rates are effective as of Sep 08th, 2022 and are subject to change without notice.
*Some restrictions may apply.

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Mortgage Calculator

Use the mortgage calculator to determine how much you can borrow and to estimate your
monthly mortgage payments.

Whatever your plans, we’re here to help

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Buying your first property

Buying your first home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life.


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Refinancing your home

Refinancing your home can save you money or help you meet other financial goals.

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Buying investment property

An investent property can help you build wealth and create a future income stream.

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Newcomers to Canada

Essential information to help you get settled into your new life in British Columbia.


KCU Equity Mortgage

An equity-based mortgage allows you to borrow money based on value of your home to use as a downpayment toward purchasing a new residential or investment property. Talk to a Senior Advisor for more details.

  • Access up to 80% of your home’s equity
  • Leverage home equity to purchase a second home or investment property

KCU Construction Mortgage

A residential construction mortgage helps you finance the construction costs of building your dream home, as well as the purchase of your building lot if needed. Start your application or speak to a Mortgage Advisor for more details.​

  • Available in open variable interest rates
  • Make interest-only payments during the construction phase
  • Switches to a competitive fixed-rate mortgageonce construction is completed

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