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Newcomers to Canada

If you’re moving to Canada, or if you’ve already arrived, welcome!

Settling into your new country

Tips and information to help you quickly and comfortably settle in to your new country and community.


About banking in Canada

You may find banking in Canada different from the way you bank in your home country. It’s important to understand the main differences in order to manage your money more effectively. For example, a good credit history is extremely important for renting a home, buying a car, and more. Build your credit history foundation by applying for a credit card.

After you arrive, meet with us

Connecting to your local community is a valuable way to find support and resources when you first arrive. Make an appointment at one of our branches to meet with one of our advisors. Not only will we help you set up your new banking services, we can also provide housing and job search tips, local community information and connections to help you get settled faster.

Everyday banking needs

In Canada, you can visit a branch or manage your day-to-day banking using convenient digital tools. For example, access your cash at an ATM (automatic teller machine), and use our mobile banking app or online banking tools to view your balance, pay bills, deposit cheques, eTransfer money, and more.


Moving your money to Canada

As you plan your move to Canada, you’ll need to determine how to bring money with you. You can bring cash into Canada when you arrive, but be sure to declare it to Canada Customs if it’s over $10,000 CAD in value. A safer, more convenient, and affordable option is to use our wire transfer and international transfer services.

Purchasing your first home

If you are considering purchasing your first property in Canada, it may be one of the biggest decisions you make. There are many things to consider, including location, property type, a downpayment, and other purchasing fees. We have a variety mortgage options available to support you.

Planning for your future

Once your short term goals have been met and you’ve settled into your new country, we can provide you with quality financial advice to help you achieve your longer term investment goals, such as retirement savings and funding your child’s education.

We’re here to help

Work with an expert to
help you settle in

We have a wide range of financial products and
services. Our advisors are available to:

  • Explain the Canadian banking system
  • Set up bank accounts
  • Help you move your money
Member Stories

Immigrating to Surrey was a challenge, but we feel great now that we are settled

Ameek Singh and his family immigrated to Surrey in 2018. There were some challenges to overcome but with some careful planning the family was able to get settled and start their new life in Canada. Learn how Ameek and his family:

  • Set up their banking even before moving
  • Found their first apartment
  • Connected with the local community



Local community resources

Get set up quickly and easily with help from our advisors. Explore our financial products:

Banking with Khalsa

Get set up quickly and easily with help from our advisors. Explore our financial products:

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Banking with Khalsa

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