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International Money Transfer

Send money around the world safely and securely

Transfer Money Abroad

Fast, easy, and secure money transfer

Do you need to send money to buy an overseas property or pay for overseas tuition for a child or grandchild? International money transfer is available through online banking; a safe, low-cost, and secure way to send money anytime, anywhere.

  • Key features
    • Convenient 24/7 access
      Access international money transfers through online banking anytime from any device
    • Secure and insured
      Protected with AES 256-bit encryption through a FINTRAC-regulated entity, plus insurance coverage
    • Live quote
      You get a live quote on fees before you send your transfer so there are no surprises
    • list item
    • Quick delivery
      Next day settlement in North America, and within two business days internationally
    • Settlement notification
      You receive a notification when funds are settled into the recipient’s account
    • Simple one-time online registration
      Set up is simple and includes integrated, automated identity verification and anti-money laundering procedures
    • list item
Send Money Outside of Canada

How to send an international money transfer

Send money with ease and convenience through KCU online banking.

  1. Sign into online banking and select international transfers
  2. If it’s your first time sending money, follow the instructions to verify your identity
  3. Provide your recipient’s information
  4. Enter the details of your transfer
  5. Click “Get a quote” to review transfer fees
  6. Click “Execute transaction” to complete your transfer. If the quote expires before you’re finished, simply click “Get a quote” again
  7. You’re done! The recipient should receive the money within two business days.
Newcomers to Canada

Moving your money to Canada

Before you travel, you will need to determine how to bring money with you. You can bring up to $10,000 in cash or monetary equivalent with you. Ensure you declare your funds to Canada Customs when you arrive. A safer, more convenient, and affordable option is to send your money through an international money transfer. Contact us for help.


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