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    Get Paid to simplify your banking

    For a limited time, get upto $ 250 when you become a Khalsa Credit Union member. Ready to get upto $ 250?

    Here is how:

    STEP 1 : Become a Khalsa Credit Union member

    STEP 2 : Once a member, add a free checking account

    STEP 3 : Meet the two out of the following three conditions and you will receive $ 200 after you establish qualifying conditions

    • 1 ongoing Direct deposit for example payroll or government or pension payment
    • 1 Bill payment of at least $ 50 for three consecutive months
    • 2 Preauthorised debit for three consecutive months for example Hydro Bill

    STEP 4 : Earn an additional $ 50 ‐ When you apply and get approved for a Credit Card

    Terms and Conditions

    • Person should be a resident of Canada
    • Should be 17 years of age or older
    • Not already a Khalsa Credit Union Member