Our Community

Whereas many financial institutions focus on national and international sponsorship activities, effectively ignoring their local markets, a faith-based organization has a much deeper connection with its local community. Every year KCU awards thousands of dollars to worthy recipients through scholarships and bursaries and other incentives. You will also find us in attendance at parades, enjoying picnics and handing out food and trinkets at community events.

Scholarships & Donations

Giving back to our communities is not just a way of life at KCU. It is an obligation, and we meet that obligation every day through a variety of programs.

Religious Activity

As a faith-based institution, Khalsa Credit Union participates in many religious activities.

Event Calendar

KCU participates in many local events/celebrations and holds a few of our own. Please refer to this calendar for upcoming activities.

Image Gallery

Sharing the success of our members is something we try to capture and commemorate with photos and videos of their activities.

Other Information

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